Replacement bulbs are specified in the chart below. Headlamp bulbs must be marked with an authorized “D.O.T.” for North America to ensure lamp performance, light brightness and pattern and safe visibility. The correct bulbs will not damage the lamp assembly or void the lamp assembly warranty and will provide quality bulb burn time.

Function   Trade number  
Headlamps high beam (Halogen)   9005LL  
* Headlamps high beam (HID)   H1  
Headlamp low beam (Halogen)   H11LL  
* Headlamp low beam (HID)   D3S  
Sidemarker - front   168  
Park lamp - front (HI Series)   WY5W  
Park lamp - front (Low Series)   194  
Turn lamp - front (HI Series)   WY21W  
Turn lamp - front (Low Series)   W21W  
Fog lamps   H10 (9145)  
Tail/brake lamp   3157K  
Turn lamp - rear   T20  
Backup lamp   921  
License plate lamp   W5W  
* High-mount brake lamp   LED  
* Interior lamps   LED  

* To replace these lamps - see your authorized dealer.
To replace all instrument panel lights - see your authorized dealer