Due to local market requirements in some countries, some vehicles may be equipped with a recovery hook.
Recovery Hook Location
If your vehicle is equipped with a screw-in recovery hook, it is located in the luggage compartment under the floor cover.
If your vehicle is not equipped with a recovery hook, you can purchase one from your dealer.
Installing the Recovery Hook
There is an installation point for the recovery hook located behind the fascia.
Note:   The screw-in recovery hook has a left-hand thread. Turn it counterclockwise to install it. Make sure that the recovery hook is fully tightened.
Recovery Hook
Insert a suitable object to pry open the cover (1). Use the recessed (notched) portion of the cover. Screw in the recovery hook (2).
Towing the Vehicle on Four Wheels
Switch the ignition to the on position. Failure to do so results in steering lock and non-function of indicator and brake lamps.
Braking and steering efforts are high if the engine is not running. Maintain increased stopping distances.