WARNING   WARNING:  The autolamps switch position may not activate the headlamps in all low visibility conditions, such as daytime fog. Always ensure that your headlamps are switched to auto or on, as appropriate, during all low visibility conditions. Failure to do so may result in a crash.

Autolamps Switch
The headlamps will switch on and off automatically in low light situations or during inclement weather.
The headlamps will remain on for a period of time after you switch the ignition off. Use the information display controls to adjust the period of time that the headlamps will remain on.   See   Information Displays
When the headlamp switch is in the Autolamps position, the windshield wiper activated exterior lamps will turn on within 10 seconds when you switch the windshield wipers on. The exterior lamps will turn off approximately 60 seconds after you switch the windshield wipers off.
This feature does not turn on the exterior lamps:
  • during a mist wipe
  • while the wipers are on to clear washer fluid during a wash condition
  • if the wipers are in automatic or intermittent modes.
Note:   If you have autolamps and autowipers switched on the low beam headlamps will turn on automatically when the windshield wipers operate continuously.
Note:   You may have to manually switch the headlamps on in severe weather conditions.
Note:   If you have autolamps switched on you can only switch the high beam headlamps on once the system has turned the headlamps on.