Vehicles Sold in the United States: Getting Roadside Assistance
To fully assist you should you have a vehicle concern, Ford Motor Company offers a complimentary roadside assistance program. This program is separate from the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. The service is available:
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • For the coverage period listed on the Roadside Assistance Card included in your Owner's Manual portfolio.
Roadside Assistance covers:
  • A flat tire change with a good spare, if provided with the vehicle (except vehicles supplied with a tire inflation kit).
  • Battery jump start.
  • Lock-out assistance (key replacement cost is the customer's responsibility).
  • Fuel delivery — independent service contractors, if not prohibited by state, local or municipal law, shall deliver up to 2 gal (7.6 L) of gasoline or 5 gal (18.9 L) of diesel fuel to a disabled vehicle. Roadside Assistance limits fuel delivery service to two no-charge occurrences within a 12-month period.
  • Winch out — available within 100 ft (30.5 m) of a paved or county maintained road, no recoveries.
  • Towing — independent service contractors, if not prohibited by state, local or municipal law, shall tow Ford eligible vehicles to an authorized dealer within 35 mi (56 km) of the disablement location or to the nearest authorized dealer. If a member requests a tow to an authorized dealer that is more than 35 mi (56 km) from the disablement location, the member shall be responsible for any mileage costs in excess of 35 mi (56 km).
Roadside Assistance includes up to $200 for a towed trailer if the disabled eligible vehicle requires service at the nearest authorized dealer. If the towing vehicle is operational but the trailer is not, then the trailer does not qualify for any roadside services.
Vehicles Sold in the United States: Using Roadside Assistance
Complete the roadside assistance identification card and place it in your wallet for quick reference. This card is in the owner's information portfolio in the glove compartment.
United States Ford vehicle customers who require Roadside Assistance, call 1-800-241-3673.
If you need to arrange roadside assistance for yourself, Ford Motor Company reimburses a reasonable amount for towing to the nearest dealership within 35 mi (56 km). To obtain reimbursement information, United States Ford vehicle customers call 1-800-241-3673. Customers need to submit their original receipts.
Vehicles Sold in Canada: Getting Roadside Assistance
Canadian customers who require roadside assistance, call 1-800-665-2006.
Vehicles Sold in Canada: Using Roadside Assistance
For your convenience, you may complete the roadside assistance identification card found in the centerfold of your warranty guide and retain for future reference.
Canadian roadside coverage and benefits may differ from the U.S. coverage. If you require more information, please refer to the coverage section of your warranty guide, call us in Canada at 1-800-665-2006, or visit our website at
Sykes Assistance Services Corporation administers the Roadside Assistance program. You must receive covered services in Canada or the continental United States. Coverage extends to vehicles that use public, non-seasonal, annually traveled roadways. Roadside Assistance coverage does not extend to vehicles involved in cross-country driving, logging, autocross and any other form of off-road use. Well maintained roads and surfaces help ensure safe travel for the supplier, and allow their representatives to perform service as per the standard operating procedures.
In Remote Locations
If our supplier cannot take your vehicle by road to the nearest authorized dealership, transportation by rail or water may be necessary. The program covers a tow to the dock or rail terminal and also to the dealership at the end of the trip.
For rail or water transportation, however, contact your authorized dealer to confirm if you are eligible for additional coverage before you authorize or pay for the service.
Call Ford Roadside Assistance at 1-800-665-2006 for additional information.