WARNING   WARNING:  Bulbs can become hot. Let the bulb cool down before removing it. Failure to do so could result in personal injury.
WARNING   WARNING:  Switch the lamps and the ignition off. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious personal injury.

Use the correct specification bulb.   See   Bulb Specification Chart
Install in the reverse order unless otherwise stated.
High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps
These lamps operate at a high voltage. See an authorized dealer if they fail.
Front Direction Indicator
Fog Lamp
  1. Switch all of the lamps and the ignition off.
  1. Disconnect the electrical connector.
  1. Turn the bulb holder counterclockwise and remove it.
  1. Remove the bulb by pulling it straight out.
LED Lamps
LED lamps are not serviceable items. See an authorized dealer if they fail.
The following lamps are LED:
  • Front parking lamps.
  • Front side marker lamps.
  • Side direction indicators.
  • Rear side marker lamps.
  • Brake and rear lamps.
  • Central high mounted brake lamp.
  • Rear direction indicators.
  • Reversing lamps.
  • License plate lamps.

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