The system will warn you of an unauthorized entry to your vehicle. It will be triggered if any door, the luggage compartment or the hood is opened without using the key, remote control or keyless entry keypad.
The direction indicators will flash and the horn will sound if unauthorized entry is attempted while the alarm is armed.
Take all remote controls to an authorized dealer if there is any potential alarm problem with your vehicle.
Arming the Alarm
The alarm is ready to arm when there is not a key in your vehicle. Electronically lock your vehicle to arm the alarm.
Disarming the Alarm
Disarm the alarm by any of the following actions:
  • Unlock the doors or luggage compartment with the remote control or keyless entry keypad.
  • Switch your vehicle on or start your vehicle.
  • Use a key in the driver door to unlock your vehicle, then switch your vehicle on within 12 seconds.
Note:   Pressing the panic button on the remote control will stop the horn and signal indicators, but will not disarm the system.