Rear Passenger Climate Controls
ARear fan speed control: Adjusts the volume of air circulated to the rear passenger compartment.
BRear heated seats: Press to switch the rear heated seats on and off.
CRear AUTO: Press to switch on automatic operation. Adjust to select the desired temperature. Fan speed and air distribution adjust to heat or cool the vehicle to maintain the temperature you desire.
DRear air distribution control: Press to switch the direction of air flow.
ERear passenger temperature control: Adjusts the temperature setting for the rear passenger compartment.
FRear ventilated seats: Press to switch the rear ventilated seats on and off.   See   Climate Controlled Seats
GRear passenger power: Press to switch the rear system on and off.
Note: The rear climate system turns off whenever you switch on max defrost, and turns back on when you switch max defrost off. You can switch on the rear system with max defrost on.
HRear control lock: When illuminated, you can only operate the rear passenger settings through the front controls.
Note: The indicator briefly illuminates if you try to use the rear climate system when the controls are locked.