Head Up Display (HUD)
This is a visual system that shows information in your field of view as you drive. The information comes from various vehicle systems and includes vehicle speed, speed limit, navigation, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) and the lane keeping system. This system projects the information off the windshield, and focuses the image near the end of the hood approximately 7 ft (2 m) in front of the driver. Viewing this information does not require you to significantly move your head, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while having quick and easy access to information.
Head Up Display Information
Head-Up Display Information
ASignaling and Traffic Indication.
BLeft Information Group.
CADAS Display Area.
DNavigation Display Area.
EStatus Bar.
FSpeedometer Display Area.
Signaling and Traffic Indication
Displays direction indicators, blind spot information (if direction indicators are active) and cross traffic alert.
Left Information Group
Displays incoming call information.
ADAS Display Area
Displays ACC and lane keeping system status and warnings.
Navigation Display Area
Displays navigation next turn instructions.
Status Bar
Displays distance to empty (DTE), time and outside air temperature. Next to DTE, the fuel gauge fill color changes to yellow in low fuel conditions. You can switch off the status bar in the HUD settings menu.
Speedometer Display Area
Displays current vehicle speed, speed limit (if available in the map database) and your transmission gear selection.
Configuring The Head Up Display
You can control the system's options through the information display by using the HUD, OK and arrow buttons on the right-hand side of your steering wheel.   See   General Information.  You can adjust the display according to your height to make viewing the content easier. You can also adjust what content displays and the brightness of the content. The system's options appear in the instrument cluster while the updates happen in the HUD.
Note:   If HUD On is unchecked, other options of the system are hidden.
Note:   The HUD menu automatically closes after a certain period of inactivity.
Note:   The HUD image brightness automatically adjusts to the brightness of the ambient environment. You have the ability to adjust the brightness further according to your preference.
Note:   In some instances, sunlight can cause some reflections in and around the HUD image.

Head-Up Display (HUD)
Turns the HUD on and off.  
Follow onscreen directions to confirm or modify your settings.  
HUD Adjustments
Vertical Position
Follow onscreen directions to confirm or modify your settings.  
Image Rotation
HUD Content
Turns the distance to empty, time and temperature on and off.  
Cruise and Lane Control
Select Your Setting  

Note:   When you save a memory preset position, your current HUD settings are also saved to that memory preset position.   See   Memory Function
Maintaining Your Head Up Display
  • Do not place objects onto the transparent cover, as they may block you from seeing portions of the image. These objects could also damage the cover and affect the quality of the projected image.
  • The system uses a special windshield designed to provide the optimum image quality. You must replace the windshield in a vehicle with this system with a certified original equipment manufactured (OEM) head up display windshield. Replacing this system's windshield with a non-head up display windshield causes a double image or distorted image. Have an authorized dealer or authorized repair facility replace the windshield.
  • Light conditions such as oncoming headlamps, sunrise, sunset or reflections off of wet road surfaces can affect the driver's ability to see the HUD image.
  • Clean the windshield often for optimal HUD performance.   See   Cleaning the Windows and Wiper Blades