Adjusting the Rear Seats
WARNING   WARNING:  To prevent possible damage to the seat or seatbelts, make sure that the seatbelts are not fastened before folding the seatback.

Adjusting the Rear Seat
Folding the Seatback (If Equipped)
With the seat empty, pull the lever to fold the seatback forward.
Unfolding the Seatback
Rotate the seatback upward until the seatback latches in the upright position. The seatback clicks when it is locked into position.
Power Lumbar (If Equipped)
Power Seats Lumbar Support Adjust
APress to increase massage intensity.
BPress to activate seatback massage.
CPress to activate cushion massage.
DPress to decrease massage intensity.
EPress to switch on and off.
Chauffeur Switch (If Equipped)
The switches are on the passenger side rear door.
Chauffeur Switch
APress the front of the switch to move the front passenger seat forward.
BPress the back of the switch to move the front passenger seat backward.
Power Recline (If Equipped)
The switches are on the rear doors.
Reclining Seatback Switch
Press the switch to recline the outboard rear seatback.

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