1. Regularly clean them with a wheel cleaner. We recommend that you use Ford approved wheel cleaner if available.
  1. Remove dirt and brake dust with a sponge.
  1. Remove tar and grease with a bug and tar remover. We recommend that you use Ford approved bug and tar remover if available.
  1. Thoroughly rinse the wheels with water after cleaning.
If you intend on parking your vehicle for an extended period after cleaning the wheels with a wheel cleaner, drive your vehicle for a few minutes before doing so. This reduces the risk of corrosion of the brake discs, brake pads and linings.
Do not clean the wheels when they are hot.
Note:   Some car washes could damage wheel rims and covers.
Note:   Using non-recommended cleaners, harsh cleaning products, chrome wheel cleaners or abrasive materials could damage wheel rims, covers and bolts.