Every 7500 miles (12000 km) or six months - whichever occurs first  
Change the engine oil and filter.  
Rotate the tires, inspect tire wear and measure the tread depth.1  
Inspect the wheels and related components for abnormal noise, wear, looseness or drag.  
Perform a multi-point inspection, recommended.  

1 Vehicles with dual rear wheels should rotate the front wheels when specified; rear wheels only if you notice unusual wear.

Every 15000 miles (24000 km) or 12 months - whichever occurs first  
Inspect the automatic transmission fluid level. Consult dealer for requirements.  
Inspect the brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, brake linings, hoses and the parking brake.  
Inspect the engine cooling system strength and hoses.  
Inspect the exhaust system and heat shields.  
Inspect the steering linkage, ball joints, suspension, tie-rod ends, drive shaft and the U-joints. Lubricate grease fittings, if applicable.  

Other maintenance items  
Every 30,000 mi (48,000 km)   Replace the engine air filter.  
Every 60,000 mi (96,000 km)   Replace the front wheel bearing grease and grease seal if you use non-sealed bearings.  
Every 97,500 mi (157,000 km)   Replace the spark plugs.  
At 105,000 mi (168,000 km)   Change the engine coolant.2  
Every 105,000 mi (168,000 km)   Replace the rear axle fluid.  
Inspect the accessory drive belt(s). 3  
Every 150,000 mi (240,000 km)   Replace the accessory drive belt(s) if not replaced within the last 100,000 mi (160,000 km).  
Replace the front wheel bearings and seals if you use non-sealed bearings.  
Change the automatic transmission fluid and filter. Consult dealer for requirements.  

2 Initial replacement at six years or 105000 miles (168000 kilometers), then every three years or 45000 miles (72000 kilometers).
3 If not replaced, inspect every 15000 miles (24000 kilometers).