Selectable Drive Modes
Selectable drive modes deliver a customized driving experience using a variety of electronic vehicle systems. The systems optimize vehicle dynamics and powertrain response based on your selected mode. Systems associated with selectable drive modes are:
  • Electronically power assisted steering.
  • Electronic stability control and traction control maintain your vehicle control in adverse conditions or high performance driving.
  • Electronic throttle control enhances the powertrain response to your driving input.
  • Electronic transmission controls enhance the powertrain response to your driving input, optimized for the specific drive mode.
  • MagneRide™ dampers.
  • Active exhaust adjusts the sound characteristics of your vehicle.
Mode Button
Toggle the mode switch on the center stack under the display screen to change the drive mode.
Drive Modes
Note:   Drive mode changes are not available when the ignition is off or when the transmission is in reverse (R).
  • Used for normal, everyday on road driving. Vehicle response tuned for all-around street driving. Best for fuel economy and smoothness.
  • A custom drive mode the driver can modify. See the section that follows for additional information.
  • Used for spirited on road driving. Vehicle response tuned for on road performance.
Track — Not for Street Use
  • Used for spirited, aggressive and limit handling while at racetracks or auto crosses. Wheelspin and yaw limits opened up to not interfere with a skilled driver while retaining some system aids.
Drag Strip — Not for Street Use
  • Used at the drag strip. You can use in conjunction with launch control. Optimized for drag strip launches.
  • Used for wet conditions on public roads. The system limits yaw and wheel spin to tighter limits than Normal mode.
Note:   In slippery conditions, starting your vehicle in 2nd gear with slippery drive mode active may improve pull-away traction.
Using MyMode
You can use MyMode to create a unique drive mode.
Information Display Controls
To create or save MyMode, press the cobra button on the steering wheel to access the menu.   See   General Information.  The available systems appear on the screen. Select your preferred settings using the appropriate buttons and menus. Press and hold OK to save your settings. The drive mode list adds your MyMode and you can select it the next time you start your vehicle.
Note:   There are diagnostic checks that continuously monitor the system to make sure it properly operates. If a mode is unavailable due to a system fault or change in gear position, the selected mode defaults to Normal.
Note:   When you select Track mode, Pre-Collision Assist disables.
Selectable Steering and MagneRide™ Dampers
Left Hand Dive Mode Control
Adjustable Steering Icon  Press the button to change the steering feel. The first press illuminates the current mode. Subsequent presses change the mode.Damper Button  Press the button to adjust the suspension. The first press illuminates the current mode. Subsequent presses change the mode.
Selectable steering modes:
  • Normal — Standard steering efforts and feedback.
  • Sport — Slightly higher effort required for steering with more road force felt through the steering wheel.
  • Comfort — Slightly less effort required for steering with less road force felt through the steering wheel.
Note:   You may feel a soft feedback bump in the steering wheel after you make a selection.
Note:   Selectable steering defaults to Normal if you disconnect or remove the battery.
MagneRide™ Damper modes:
  • Normal — Available in Normal, Sport and Slippery drive modes.
  • Sport — Available in Normal, Sport and Track drive modes.
  • Track — Available only in Track drive mode.
  • Drag Strip— Available only in Drag Strip drive mode.
Active Exhaust
Active Exhaust Button
Your vehicle has four active exhaust modes. The modes are Quiet, Normal, Sport and Track.
Note:   The Track Exhaust Mode setting is only for use at tracks and not for use on public roadways. Use of this setting results in increased exterior noise, which may not meet state and local laws and regulations. It is the obligation of the driver to operate the vehicle in a manner that complies with state and local requirements. Only use the Track Exhaust Mode setting at a competition track or an off-road course where elevated exterior vehicle noise is acceptable.