Press the temperature controls on either side of the climate control to set the temperature for that side.
Blower Motor Control  Slide the control to set the temperature.
Switching Dual Mode On and Off
Dual Icon  Press the button.
Note:   When dual mode is off, setting the temperature using the driver side controls, sets the temperature for both sides.
Note:   Setting the temperature using the passenger side controls, sets the passenger temperature and switches dual mode on.
Switching the Electric Heater On and Off
When E-Heat is on, an electric heater is used to warm the cabin and keep the windows from fogging. Turning E-Heat off saves battery power, which extends your driving range. The electric heater is the only source of heat to warm the cabin.
E-Heat  Press the button to switch the electric heater on and off. The heater switches on by default.
Note:   Disable the heater to extend the vehicle's range.
Note:   This button does not work in some climate control modes.
Note:   This button does not switch off the climate control system.
Note:   In certain conditions, for example, warm weather, the electric heater may not activate or could run slow when switched on. This helps reduce power consumption from the battery.