This process is to program your in-vehicle HomeLink function button with your hand-held transmitter.
Note:   The programming steps below assume you will be programming HomeLink that was not previously programmed. If your HomeLink was previously programmed, you may need to erase your HomeLink buttons.   See   Clearing the Garage Door Opener
Universal Garage Door Opener Button
  1. With your vehicle parked outside of the garage, switch your vehicle on, but do not start your vehicle.
  1. Press and release one of the three HomeLink function buttons that you would like to program.
  1. Hold your hand-held garage door transmitter 1–3 in (2–8 cm) away from the HomeLink button you want to program.
  1. Press and hold the hand-held transmitter button you want to program while watching the indicator light on HomeLink. Continue to hold the hand-held button until the HomeLink indicator light flashes rapidly or is continuously on.
Note:   You may need to use a different method if you live in Canada or have difficulties programming your gate operator or garage door opener.   See   Programming the Garage Door Opener to Your Gate Opener Motor
  1. Press and hold the HomeLink button you programmed for two seconds, then release. You may need to do this twice to activate the door.
Note:   If the indicator light stays on, the programming is complete.
Note:   If the HomeLink indicator flashes rapidly, repeat Step 5.
Note:   If your device still does not operate, you must program your garage door.   See   Programming the Garage Door Opener to Your Garage Door Opener Motor
  1. To program additional buttons, repeat Steps 1 – 4.