Gate Operator / Canadian Programming
Canadian radio-frequency laws require transmitter signals to “time-out” (or quit) after several seconds of transmission – which may not be long enough for HomeLink to pick up the signal during programming. Similar to this Canadian law, some U.S. gate operators “time-out” in the same manner.
Note:   If programming a garage door opener or gate operator, it is advised to unplug the device during the “cycling” process to prevent possible overheating.
  1. Press and release, every two seconds, your hand-held transmitter until the HomeLink indicator light changes to a rapidly blinking or continuously on light.
  1. Release the hand-held transmitter button.
  1. Press and hold the HomeLink function button you want to program for two seconds, then release. You may need to do this twice to activate the door.
Note:   If the indicator light stays on, the programming is complete.
Note:   If the HomeLink indicator flashes rapidly, repeat Step 3.
Note:   If your device still does not operate, you must program your garage door.   See   Programming the Garage Door Opener to Your Garage Door Opener Motor
  1. To program additional buttons, repeat Steps 1 – 4.