WARNING   WARNING:  The system does not replace the parking brake. When you leave your vehicle, always apply the parking brake.
WARNING   WARNING:  You must remain in your vehicle when the system turns on. At all times you are responsible for controlling your vehicle, supervising the system, and intervening if required. Failure to follow this instruction could result in the loss of control of your vehicle, personal injury or death.

You can switch the system on or off by accessing the menu in the touchscreen.
  1. Access the application drawer on the touchscreen.
  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  1. Press Driver Assistance.
Note:   You can only switch the system on after you close the driver door.
Note:   The system remembers the last setting when you start your vehicle.
Note:   When using one pedal drive or an automatic car wash, make sure to switch auto hold off, or shift to neutral (N) with the brake pedal applied to ensure auto hold is not active.