1. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop. The auto hold active indicator illuminates in the information display.
  1. Release the brake pedal. The system holds your vehicle at a standstill. The auto hold active indicator remains illuminated in the information display.
  1. Apply the accelerator and drive off in a normal manner. The system releases the brakes and the auto hold active indicator switches off.
Note:   The system only activates if you apply enough brake pressure on the brake pedal.
Note:   Under certain conditions, the system could apply the electric parking brake. The brake system warning lamp illuminates. The electric parking brake releases when you press the accelerator pedal.   See   Automatically Releasing the Electric Parking Brake
Note:   The system switches off if you shift into reverse (R) and press the brake pedal.
There could be actions that can cause the auto hold system not to work when the following occur:
  • When you use active park assist.
  • Your vehicle is in stay in neutral mode.
  • The driver door is open.
  • You shift into reverse (R) before the system is active.