For best results, use the following products or products of equivalent quality:

Name   Specification  
Motorcraft® Bug and Tar Remover, ZC-42 (U.S. & Canada)   -  
Motorcraft® Custom Bright Metal Cleaner, ZC-15 (U.S. & Canada)   ESR-M5B194-B  
Motorcraft® Detail Wash, ZC-3-A (U.S. & Canada)   ESR-M14P4-A  
Motorcraft® Engine Shampoo and Degreaser, ZC-20 (U.S.)   ESR-M14P3-A  
Motorcraft® Engine Shampoo, CXC-66-A (Canada)   -  
Motorcraft® Premium Leather and Vinyl Cleaner, ZC-56 (U.S. & Canada)   -  
Motorcraft® Multi-Purpose Cleaner, CXC-101 (Canada)   -  
Motorcraft® Premium Windshield Wash Concentrate with Bitterant, ZC-32-B2 (U.S.)   WSS-M14P19-A  
Motorcraft® Premium Quality Windshield Washer Fluid, CXC-37-F/M (Canada)   WSS-M14P19-A  
Motorcraft® Professional Strength Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, ZC-54 (U.S. & Canada)   -  
Motorcraft® Premium Glass Cleaner, CXC-100 (Canada)   ESR-M14P5-A  
Motorcraft® Spot and Stain Remover, ZC-14 (U.S.)   -  
Motorcraft® Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner, ZC-23 (U.S.)   ESR-M14P5-A  
Motorcraft® Wheel and Tire Cleaner, ZC-37-A (U.S. & Canada)   -