How can I tell if my vehicle has Phone as a Key?
  • The vehicle's touchscreen shows the Phone as a Key reset option.
  • Additional control buttons appear on the home screen of the Ford mobile app if you have already set up Phone as a Key on your vehicle through the Ford mobile app.
What happens if I cannot unlock the vehicle with Phone as a Key?
  • Attempt to move your phone closer to the vehicle.
  • Check that the Ford mobile app is still running and that the Phone as a Key control screen shows Bluetooth® is connected. If the phone is connected, attempt to press the remote unlock button in the Ford mobile app. If the phone is not connected or the remote unlock button does not work in the Ford mobile app, attempt to force close and restart the app.
Why do I get a No Key Detected message in the instrument cluster display when I am using Phone as a Key and my phone is in the car?
  • Your phone’s Bluetooth® connection has been disrupted or is not connected. Try reconnecting your phone's Bluetooth® connection.
  • Move the phone closer to the center of the vehicle near the cup holder or center console.
  • Verify Phone as a Key is still active, enabled and has not been revoked.
What do I do if my phone is lost, damaged or the battery has depleted?
How many phones can I use for Phone as a Key?
  • You can program and activate up to four phones with Phone as a Key to control your vehicle.
How does a valet drive my car if I only use Phone as a Key?
  • Have the valet use the temporary valet passcode that you created.   See   Using the Valet Mode
I uninstalled my Ford mobile app and reinstalled it. Why am I not able to set up Phone as a Key again?
  • Using the key list in the Ford mobile app remove the key that was previously associated with your phone.
  • Reset Phone as a Key from your vehicle, and then set up Phone as a Key again.   See   Programming Your Phone
Why can I not remotely start the vehicle with Phone as a Key?
  • Using the Ford mobile app, verify your Phone as a Key setup is complete and Bluetooth® is connected on at least one phone. If Phone as a Key setup is not complete, complete the setup as prompted from the Ford mobile app.   See   Programming Your Phone