Make sure you have the authorized device within 3 ft (1 m) of the liftgate.
  1. Stand behind your vehicle, and face the liftgate.
  1. Move your foot, in a single-kick motion, without pausing, under and away from the rear bumper detection area.
Kick Activated Tailgate - Kick Zone
  1. The liftgate opens.
Avoid the following actions when using the hands-free opening feature:
  • Making physical contact with the bumper.
  • Holding your foot under the bumper.
  • Sweeping your foot from side to side, or kicking at an odd angle.
Detection Zones
Electric Vehicle Kick Zone
The detection area is in the center of the rear bumper.
Note:   Allow the power system to open the liftgate. Manually pulling the liftgate may activate the system’s obstacle detection feature and stop the power operation or reverse its direction, replicate a strut failure, or damage mechanical components.
Note:   Any physical actions that mimic a kicking motion such as splashing water, trailer chains or vacuum hoses may cause the hands-free liftgate to activate. Switch the power liftgate off through your vehicle settings or keep the authorized device away from the rear bumper detection area.