To program your smartphone as phone as a key:
  1. Visit your device's app store to download the FordPass app.
  1. Create a new account or sign in to an existing account on the FordPass app.
  1. Add the vehicle identification number to your account and follow the prompts in the FordPass app to complete the Sync Connect Authorization process.
  1. After the vehicle authorizes, you can set up phone as a key following the prompts in the FordPass app.
  1. After phone as a key is set up, you can set up the backup start passcode by following the prompts on your touchscreen.
Note:   Keep your new backup start passcode with you in case of an emergency.
Resetting Phone as a Key
  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  1. Press General.
  1. Press Reset.
  1. Press the app connect reset option.
  1. Press Reset All.
  1. Confirm you would like to continue with erasing all phone as a key settings, keys and backup start passcodes.
  1. Press Continue.
  1. Confirm you are aware you are de-authorizing all authorized users and FordPass Connect settings.
  1. Press Continue.