Note:   Active guide lines are only available when the transmission is in reverse (R).
Colored Guidelines
AActive guide lines.
CFixed guide line: Green zone.
DFixed guide line: Yellow zone.
EFixed guide line: Red zone.
FRear bumper.
Active guide lines only show with fixed guide lines. Turn the steering wheel to point the guide lines toward an intended path. If the steering wheel position changes when reversing, your vehicle could deviate from the intended path.
The fixed and active guide lines fade in and out depending on the steering wheel position. The active guide lines do not display when the steering wheel position is straight.
Objects in the red zone are closest to your vehicle and objects in the green zone are farther away. Objects get closer to your vehicle as they move from the green zone to the yellow or red zones. Use the side view mirrors and rear view mirror to get better coverage on both sides and rear of your vehicle.
Keep Out Zone
360 Degree Camera - Keep Out Zone
The keep out zone is represented by the yellow dotted lines running parallel to your vehicle.