Blind Sport Information System/Cross Traffic Alert Sensors
The sensors are behind the rear bumper on both sides of your vehicle.
Note:   Keep the sensors free from snow, ice and large accumulations of dirt.
Note:   Blocked sensors may affect system accuracy.
Note:   Do not cover the sensors with bumper stickers, repair compound or other objects.
Note:   Bike and cargo racks could cause false alerts due to obstruction of the sensor. We recommend switching the feature off when using a bike or cargo rack.
Note:   The system may not correctly operate when towing a trailer. For vehicles with a trailer tow module and tow bar approved by us, the system turns off when you attach a trailer. For vehicles with an aftermarket trailer tow module or tow bar, we recommend that you switch the system off when you attach a trailer.
If the sensors become blocked, a message may appear in the instrument cluster display.   See   Blind Spot Information System – Information Messages.  The alert indicators remain illuminated but the system does not alert you.