Displays the high voltage battery state of charge in the form of a gauge or a percentage. A full fill or 100% charge represents the total amount of energy you get from plugging in your vehicle.
The gauge is normally blue. When a low battery condition is reached the gauge is amber. When the battery is depleted the gauge is red.
When the full battery gauge is displayed and your navigation system has an active route, a symbol is added that represents the high voltage battery charge level needed to reach your destination or next charging station.
Charging Status
Additional charge information displays when you power on your vehicle without pressing the brake pedal and your vehicle is plugged in. Charging status includes the charge start or charge end time as appropriate. You can modify your vehicle charge settings on the touchscreen. See  Charging Settings . 
Charge Required to Reach Destination
When the navigation system has an active route, the instrument cluster display shows the charge level required to reach your destination and the time when that charge level is available.