WARNING   WARNING:  Keep vehicle doors and luggage compartment locked and keep keys and remote transmitters out of a child's reach. Unsupervised children could lock themselves in the luggage compartment and risk injury. Children should be taught not to play in vehicles.

Note:   The frunk only operates when the vehicle is in park (P). If there is a problem with the open or close request, a tone sounds and a warning message appears in the instrument cluster.
Note:   Do not hang any weight from the frunk. This could damage the frunk and its components. Remove any excessive weight from the frunk prior to use. If the frunk starts to close after it has fully opened, this indicates there may be excessive weight on the frunk or a possible strut failure. A repetitive tone sounds and the frunk closes under control. If the frunk continues to close after opening, have the system checked.
Note:   Do not leave the frunk open while driving. This could damage the frunk and its components.