SYNC Overview
The bar is on top of the display and indicates the status of your vehicle's features. It also contains the Vehicle and Application drawers.   See   Accessing Feature Drawers
Status Area
The status area is on the right side of the status bar and provides information about vehicle features.
Audio System
Speaker Mute  Audio system muted.
Connected Device
Mute User  Cell phone microphone muted.Phone - Accept Call  Phone call in progress.
Bluetooth Icon  Media player connected.Cellular Signal Strength  Cell phone network signal strength.
Roaming  Cell phone roaming.Status Bar  Text message received.
E-Mail - Unread  Unread email message.Emergency Assist OFF  Automatic crash notification system off.
Phone Battery  Cell phone battery status.
Vehicle Data
Wi-fi - Networks Available  Wi-Fi available.Wi-Fi  Wi-Fi connected.
Data Privacy - Data Only  Vehicle data sharing on.Data Sharing Icon  Vehicle data sharing off.
Data Privacy - Location Only  Vehicle location sharing on.Data Privacy - Data and Location  Vehicle data and vehicle location sharing on.
Wireless Accessory Charger
Battery Charging  Wireless accessory charger active.
Action Area
The action area is on the left side of the display and contains status updates that require your action. Tap the icons in the action area to learn more about them.
Vehicle System Update
Update Available  Vehicle system update available.System Activate  Vehicle system update requires schedule.
Additional Consent  Vehicle system update requires consent.System Update - No WiFi  Vehicle system update requires Wi-Fi.
Activation Reminder  Vehicle system update schedule reminder.Update Not Successful  Vehicle system update not successful.
System Update - Success  Vehicle system update successful.