Seat Belt  This lamp illuminates if you do not fasten your seatbelt when you switch the power on. The lamp switches off when you fasten your seatbelt.
When the initial warning expires for the driver, more warnings are provided for the driver and front passenger. This lamp illuminates if you or your front passenger do not fasten the seatbelt buckle and the vehicle speed exceeds 6 mph (9.7 km/h).
Note:   To avoid inadvertent warnings, do not place large objects on the front passenger seat.
Seatbelt Reminder
This warning displays if an occupant unfastens the rear seatbelt buckle or it becomes unfastened.
Note:   If a rear seat is unoccupied, or an occupant never fastens the seatbelt buckle to begin with, the warning will not display.
Note:   Front seating positions appear in this warning display. Warnings for unfastened front seatbelt buckles appear in the initial warning lamp.
Seatbelt Status
To view the seatbelt status, use the touchscreen.
Seatbelt StatusQuestion Mark
ASeatbelt fastened.
BSeatbelt not fastened.
CSeatbelt recently unfastened.