Why is reverse brake assist unavailable?
  • Make sure the traction control is on. See  Switching Traction Control On and Off . 
  • Your vehicle may have sustained a rear end impact. Have the sensors checked for proper coverage and operation.
  • An anti-lock brake, traction control or stability control event may have occurred. Reverse brake assist resumes operation when the event is complete.
  • Make sure the rear view camera and 360 degree camera are not dirty or obstructed. If dirty, clean the camera. If the message still appears after cleaning the camera, wait a short time for the message to clear. If the message does not clear, have the system checked.
  • You recently had your vehicle serviced, or the battery disconnected. Drive your vehicle a short distance to resume system operation.
  • Reverse brake assist does not function when you connect a trailer. Operation resumes when you disconnect the trailer.
Note:   If the answers to why the system is unavailable do not assist in returning reverse brake assist to available, have the system checked as soon as possible.