Data Privacy - Data Only  The modem has a SIM. The modem was enabled when your vehicle was built and periodically sends messages to stay connected to the cell phone network, receive automatic software updates and send vehicle-related information to us, for example diagnostic information. These messages could include information that identifies your vehicle, the SIM and the electronic serial number of the modem. Cell phone network service providers could have access to additional information, for example, cell phone network tower identification. For additional information about our privacy policy, visit or refer to your local Ford website.
Note:   The modem continues to send this information unless you disable the modem or stop the modem from sharing vehicle data by changing the modem settings.  See   Connected Vehicle
Note:   The service can be unavailable or interrupted for a number of reasons, for example, environmental or topographical conditions and data plan coverage.
Note:   To find out if your vehicle has a modem, visit