WARNING   WARNING:  The daytime running lamps system does not activate the rear lamps and may not provide adequate lighting during low visibility driving conditions. Make sure you switch the headlamps on, as appropriate, during all low visibility conditions. Failure to do so may result in a crash.

  1. Access the vehicle drawer on the touchscreen.
  1. Press SETTINGS.
  1. Press Vehicle.
  1. Press Lighting.
  1. Switch Daytime Running Lights on or off.
The daytime running lamps turn on when all of the following occur:
  • You switch the system on.
  • You switch the vehicle on.
  • The transmission is not in park (P) for vehicles with automatic transmissions or you release the parking brake for vehicles with manual transmissions.
  • The lighting control is in the autolamps position.
  • The headlamps are off.
Note:   Other lighting control positions do not turn on the daytime running lamps.