If a crash deploys an airbag, excluding knee airbags and rear inflatable seatbelts, or activates the battery shut-off, your vehicle may be able to contact emergency services by dialing 911 through a paired and connected Bluetooth®-enabled phone.
Not all crashes will deploy an airbag or activate the battery shut-off. If a connected cell phone sustains damage or loses its connection to SYNC during a crash, SYNC will search for and try to connect to a previously paired cell phone. SYNC will then attempt to call the emergency services.
Before making the call:
  • SYNC provides about 10 seconds to cancel the call. If you fail to cancel the call, SYNC attempts to dial 911.
  • SYNC says the following, or a similar message: "SYNC will attempt to call 911, to cancel the call, press Cancel on your screen or press and hold the phone button on your steering wheel."
If you do not cancel the call and SYNC makes a successful call a pre-recorded message plays for the 911 operator. The occupants in your vehicle are able to talk with the operator. Be prepared to provide your name, phone number and location immediately because not all 911 systems are capable of receiving this information electronically.
During an emergency call the system transmits vehicle data to the emergency service.