WARNING   WARNING:  If the tire label shows different tire pressures for the front and rear tires and the vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system, then you need to update the settings for the system sensors. Always perform the system reset procedure after tire rotation. If you do not reset the system, it may not provide a low tire pressure warning when necessary.

Rotating your tires at the recommended interval will help your tires wear more evenly, providing better tire performance and longer tire life.
Note:   If your tires show any uneven wear have the alignment checked by an authorized dealer before rotating tires.
Note:   If you have a dissimilar spare wheel and tire assembly, it is intended for temporary use only and should not be used in a tire rotation.
Note:   After having your tires rotated, inflation pressure must be checked and adjusted to the vehicle requirements.
Tire Rotation Diagram
Follow the diagram indicating the correct tire locations for rotating the tires.
Tire Rotation - Four Wheel Drive