WARNING   WARNING:  While the system allows you to deactivate it, this system is designed to improve your chances of being safely belted and surviving an accident. We recommend you leave the system activated for yourself and others who may use the vehicle.

Note:   The driver and front passenger warnings independently switch off. When you perform this procedure for one seating position, do not buckle the other position as this cancels the process.
Read Steps 1-4 before proceeding with the programming procedure.
Make sure that:
  • The parking brake is set.
  • The transmission is in park (P).
  • The power is off.
  • You close all vehicle doors.
  • The driver and front passenger seatbelts are unfastened.
  1. Switch the power on. Do not start your vehicle.
  1. Wait about one minute until the seatbelt warning light switches off. After Step 2, wait an additional five seconds before proceeding with Step 3. Once you start Step 3, complete the procedure within 30 seconds.
  1. For the seating position you are switching off, buckle then unbuckle the seatbelt three times at a moderate speed, ending in the unbuckled state. After Step 3, the seatbelt warning light switches on.
  1. When the seatbelt warning light is on, buckle then unbuckle the seatbelt. After Step 4, the seatbelt warning light flashes for confirmation.
This switches the feature off for that seating position if it is currently on.
This switches the feature on for that seating position if it is currently off.

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