Many forward-facing child restraints include a tether strap which extends from the back of the child restraint and hooks to an anchoring point called the top tether anchor. Tether straps are available as an accessory for many older child restraints.
Contact the manufacturer of your child restraint for information about ordering a tether strap, or to obtain a longer tether strap if the tether strap on your child restraint does not reach the appropriate top tether anchor in the vehicle.
Attach the tether strap only to the appropriate tether anchor. The tether strap may not work properly if attached somewhere other than the correct tether anchor.
If you install a child restraint with rigid LATCH attachments, do not tighten the tether strap enough to lift the child restraint off the vehicle seat cushion when the child is seated in it. Keep the tether strap just snug without lifting the front of the child restraint. Keeping the child restraint just touching the vehicle seat gives the best protection in a severe crash.
Once you have installed the child restraint using either the seatbelt, the lower anchors of the LATCH system, or both, you can attach the top tether strap.
  1. Route the child restraint tether strap over the back of the seat. For the outermost seating positions, route the tether strap under the head restraint and between the head restraint posts. For the center seating position, route the tether strap over the top of the head restraint with the head restraint fully lowered. If needed, you can also remove the head restraints.
Tether Anchor
  1. Locate the correct anchor on the back panel of the rear seat for the selected seating position. The anchors are labeled with the tether strap symbol.
Clip the Tether Strap
  1. Clip the tether strap to the anchor as shown.
  1. Tighten the child restraint tether strap according to the manufacturer's instructions. If your child restraint system has a tether strap, and the child restraint manufacturer recommends its use, we also recommend its use.