Note:   Depending on your vehicle options and instrument cluster type, not all messages display or are available.
Note:   The system could abbreviate or shorten certain messages depending upon which cluster type you have.

Message   Details  
Adaptive Cruise Malfunction
A malfunction is preventing the adaptive cruise from engaging.  
Front Sensor Not Aligned
Contact an authorized dealer to have the radar checked for proper coverage and operation.  
Adaptive Cruise Not Available
Conditions exist preventing the system from being available.  
Adaptive Cruise Not Available Sensor Blocked See Manual
You have a blocked radar because of poor radar visibility due to inclement weather or ice, mud, or water in front of the sensor. You can typically clean the sensor to resolve this issue.   Due to the nature of sensor technology, it is possible to get a blockage warning with no actual block. This happens, for example, when driving in sparse rural or desert environments. A false blocked condition either self clears, or clears after you restart your vehicle.  
Normal Cruise Active Adaptive Braking Off
You have selected normal cruise control. The system does not brake or react to traffic.  
Adaptive Cruise - Driver Resume Control
Displays when the adaptive cruise control is going to cancel and you must take control.  
Adaptive Cruise Speed Too Low to Activate
Displays when the vehicle speed is too slow to activate the adaptive cruise control and there is no lead vehicle in range.