Make sure you have phone as a key active on at least one phone to use the previously created backup start passcode.   See   Programming Your Phone
  1. Press the brake pedal and the push button ignition switch. If the system does not detect a valid phone as a key or remote control, a message appears on the touchscreen and the system prompts you for your backup start passcode.
Note:   The touchscreen times out after 30 seconds with no interaction.
Note:   If the backup start passcode screen does not appear, press the brake pedal and push button ignition switch again.
  1. Use the touchscreen to enter your backup start passcode.
  1. After entering your backup start passcode, press Enter within 30 seconds.
  1. Once the system validates the backup start passcode, a message alerts you to start your vehicle.
  1. Press the brake pedal and the push button ignition switch within 20 seconds to start the vehicle.
  1. If your vehicle does not start, repeat steps 1-5.
System Lockout
The system locks after five combined incorrect attempts of the following:
  • Entering a backup start passcode.
  • Resetting a current passcode.
  • Entering a valet mode passcode.
Note:   The system remains locked for five minutes. After five minutes the system allows codes to be entered again.