WARNING   WARNING:  To safely discontinue charging at any time, follow the disconnect instructions in stopping charging. Charging will automatically and safely come to a stop. The BLUE STATUS indicator remains ON solid when the coupler is removed.

Using the mobile charger:
  1. Push the latch and remove the charge coupler from the vehicle.
  1. Remove the connector plug from the wall outlet.
  1. Remove connector from mobile charger control box.
Note:   To remove the connector, firmly grasp the connector by the cable or plug and pull away from the control box.
Note:   Do not pull the wall plug from the wall or the connector from the mobile charger control box, while your vehicle is charging. Doing so could damage the outlet and the cord.
Note:   Your vehicle will not shift out of park (P) until the charge coupler is removed.
Charging the High Voltage Battery
  1. Press the center right edge of the charge port door to close.