Charging the High Voltage Battery 
To charge the high voltage battery:
  1. Put the vehicle in park (P).
Note:   Your vehicle must be in park (P) to charge and for the charge status indicator to illuminate.
  1. Press the center right edge of the charge port door and then release to open the door.
  1. Open the dust cap cover on the charge port to expose lower connectors.
DC Charging Plug Inlet
  1. Plug the charge coupler into the charge port receptacle on your vehicle.
Direct Charging Plug
Note:   Make sure it clicks confirming that you have completely engaged the coupler. Your vehicle will lock to the charge coupler.
Note:   When the handle is properly engaged the light ring illuminates. This indicates the beginning of a normal charge cycle.
Note:   The vehicle will monitor battery health and may take actions including, but not limited to, reducing DC fast charge rate to protect battery hardware from damage and maintain battery health.
Information about public charge stations is available through the in-vehicle screen as well as the FordPass app with pricing, power levels, and real time availability. Rates for charging varies by power level, provider, location, and time of day.