Driving in Cold Weather
Keep your vehicle charged before heading out into cold weather.
Use the heated seats and steering wheel for comfort along with moderate cabin temperature and fan settings to reduce energy needed for climate control.
Preconditioning Your Vehicle
You can precondition your vehicle by using departure and comfort settings to warm or cool your cabin and the high voltage battery when your vehicle is plugged in. By using energy from your charging source prior to your departure, battery temperature can be managed for best driving performance and less energy will be needed for heating or cooling of the cabin at the start of your drive. This helps maximize your driving range.   See   Setting the Charging Schedule and Preferences
Note:   You can also access departure and comfort settings using the FordPass App.
Note:   Lower cabin temperature settings on the climate control system results in better trip range.
Parking Your Vehicle
At temperatures just above the freezing point and lower, plug your vehicle in when not in use to maintain high voltage battery performance.
When possible park your vehicle under a covered area or in a garage. This will help to moderate temperatures which affect performance of the high voltage battery and require energy to heat or cool the cabin.
Driving Style
Range is reduced when driving aggressively or at consistently high speeds. Aggressive driving for extended periods could also result in reducing your battery’s efficiency and lifespan. Use the trip application on your touchscreen to see your driving scores.   See   Trip Data