Pack a small supply kit with a 12 V jump box, blanket, snow scraper and gloves during winter.
We recommend winter tires with sufficient tread depth for traction.
Clear snow and ice from the roof, hood, all windows and mirrors. Remove piled up snow or ice from the wipers and washer nozzles. Allow time for windows to defrost and interior controls to warm up before driving.
Preconditioning Your Vehicle
You can precondition your vehicle to warm or cool your cabin and the high voltage battery when your vehicle is plugged in. You can charge your vehicle to the targeted level and also make sure your vehicle is at a comfortable temperature for the occupants.
Note:   You can precondition your vehicle prior to your departure using the FordPass App.
Keep your vehicle fully charged before heading out into cold weather.
Note:   In extreme climates you could experience reduced drive ranges or performance due to heating of the battery and cabin to the preferred temperature.
Note:   Using seat heaters is more efficient for warming occupants than using the heat from the climate control.
Note:   Lower cabin temperature settings on the climate control system results in better trip range.