Your vehicle has an electronic transmission selector. The transmission selector is on the center console. You can select positions by rotating the transmission selector to PRNDL.
  • Park (P).
  • Reverse (R).
  • Neutral (N).
  • Drive (D).
  • Low (L).
Putting your vehicle in gear:
  1. Fully press down the brake pedal.
  1. Rotate the gear selector knob to the desired position mode you want to select.
  1. The gear selector indicates the position selected.
  1. Release the brake pedal and your transmission remains in the selected position.
Note:   Your gear selector knob can rotate clockwise past drive (D), but the gear selection stays in drive (D). Your gear selector can rotate counterclockwise past park (P) with the brake pedal pressed, but the gear selector stays in park (P).
Note:   If you attempt to leave your vehicle when it is in gear, your vehicle automatically shifts into park (P).  See   How Does Automatic Return to Park (P) Work