When an external condition cancels the system, for example, no lane line markings available, a tone sounds and a message appears in the instrument cluster display.
Missing Image  If your vehicle starts to slow down after system cancellation, you must take full control of the vehicle. To re-enable adaptive cruise control with lane centering after cancellation, press and release the resume button.
Automatic cancellation can also occur if:
  • The lane becomes too wide or narrow.
  • The system cannot detect valid lane markings.
  • Lane markings cross over one another.
  • The curve of the road is too sharp.
Note:   If your vehicle slows down due to your inactivity twice within a key cycle, the system disables. To reset the system, when the vehicle is stationery, return the gear selector to park (P) and turn the vehicle off. Then restart the vehicle, with your foot on the brake pedal.