To fold both mirrors, switch your vehicle on, with the push button start in accessory mode or your vehicle running.
Power Fold Exterior Mirrors  For tight parking conditions, press the control switch to fold the mirrors.
Press the control switch again to unfold the mirrors.
Note:   Do not stop the mirrors midway through their movement. Wait until the mirrors stop moving and press the control again.
Note:   The left-hand and right-hand mirrors move at different rates. For example, one mirror may stop when the other one continues to move. This is normal. Moving the mirrors 10 or more times within one minute, or repeated folding and unfolding of the mirrors when holding the control down during full travel, may disable the system to protect the motors from overheating. Wait approximately three minutes with your vehicle running, and up to 10 minutes with your vehicle off, for the system to reset and operate as normal.
Loose Mirror
If the power folding mirrors are manually folded, they may not properly work even after you reposition them. You need to reset them if:
  • The mirrors vibrate when you drive.
  • The mirrors feel loose.
  • The mirrors do not stay in the folded or unfolded position.
  • One of the mirrors is not in its normal driving position.
To reset the power fold feature, use the power folding mirror control to fold and unfold the mirrors. A loud noise could occur when you reset the power folding mirrors, this sound is normal. Repeat this process as needed each time the mirrors are manually folded.

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