The system warns the driver of potential hazards by providing three levels of assistance.
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If your vehicle is rapidly approaching potential hazards the system provides the following levels of functionality:
  1. Alert.
  1. Brake Support.
  1. Automatic Emergency Braking.
Missing Image  Alert: When active, a flashing visual warning appears and an audible warning tone sounds.
Brake Support: The system is designed to help reduce the impact speed by preparing the brakes for rapid braking. The system does not automatically apply the brakes. If you press the brake pedal, the system could apply additional braking up to maximum braking force, even if you lightly press the brake pedal.
Automatic Emergency Braking: Automatic emergency braking may activate if the system determines that a collision is imminent.
Note:   If you perceive pre-collision assist alerts as being too frequent or disturbing, then you can reduce the alert sensitivity, although the manufacturer recommends using the highest sensitivity setting where possible. Setting lower sensitivity would lead to fewer and later system warnings.
Each system has various levels of detection capabilities.   See   Pre-Collision Assist Limitations