Trip data includes distance, time and energy economy. Better energy economy, meaning greater efficiency or lower consumption, results in increased driving range.
Where Did My Energy Go
Displays a breakdown of energy consumption for your trip.
  • Climate Use – This includes energy used by your vehicle’s high voltage climate control components such as the electric A/C compressor and the electric heater.
  • Driving and Route – This includes energy used to propel your vehicle based on your driving style and route. Your driving style includes how fast you drive and whether your acceleration and braking is mild or aggressive. Your route includes factors such as the amount of city or highway driving and road grades.
  • Accessories – This includes energy used for low voltage accessories such as climate system fans, heated seats and lighting.
  • Exterior Temperature – This includes energy losses due to outside temperature and other conditions which reduce vehicle system efficiency.
How Is My Driving
Displays scores for trip driving behavior. Higher scores result in better energy economy.
  • Acceleration – Light to moderate acceleration improves your score.
  • Braking – Slow and steady braking improves your score.
  • Speed – Maintain reasonable vehicle speeds for best scores. Your score rapidly drops above 70 mph (112 km/h).
All Expand Icon  You can view additional trip data by pressing the icon on your touchscreen.