Update Available  Over the air system updates allow wireless updates to the vehicle's system software. To make sure you receive all updates, set a recurring schedule and connect to Wi-Fi. Updates may take longer if not connected to Wi-Fi, or may not download at all.   See   Connected Vehicle
Note:   Additional over the air update icons may appear in the status bar. See  Status Bar . 
Over the Air System Update Requirements
Before updating, refer to the following list to make sure your vehicle is ready to be updated. If all of the following requirements are not met during a scheduled update, the update cancels and you can reschedule.
  • Your vehicle is not running.
  • Your vehicle is stopped.
  • Your vehicle is parked.
  • The hazard indicators are switched off.
  • The alarm is not sounding.
  • The doors are closed.
  • The parking lights are switched off.
  • You are not pressing the brake pedal.
  • An emergency call is not in progress.
  • Your vehicle is not in limp home mode.
Scheduling an Over the Air System Update
Make sure vehicle connectivity and automatic updates are switched on.
Using the Settings Menu
  1. Access the vehicle drawer on the touchscreen.
  1. Press SETTINGS.
  1. Press System Automatic Update.
  1. Press Update Schedule.
  1. Use the controls to set the time and day of the update.
  1. Save the schedule.
Note:   You can set the updates to occur every seven days.
Using the Status Bar Icon
System Activate  When an update is available, tap the notification icon and follow the prompts on the screen.
Applying an Over the Air System Update
You can schedule a convenient time for the update to complete. During scheduled updates you may not be able to use your vehicle.
Note:   Updates may take up to 30 minutes to complete.
You can see the progress of the update on the touchscreen. An update cannot be canceled once it has been started.
When applying updates:
  • You cannot drive your vehicle.
  • You cannot start your vehicle.
  • You cannot use the remote control to lock and unlock your vehicle.
  • The alarm, central locks and door tones turn off.
  • The electronic door locks turn off.
You can open the doors using the mechanical latch if child locks are not on. Pull the handle until it stops to use the mechanical latch.
Note:   Double locking is switched off and central locking is switched on during and after an update.
Note:   If your vehicle is plugged in, charging stops during an update and resumes when the update is complete.
Viewing Update Details
Upon completion of the update, the touchscreen provides additional details about the update. You can also access this information under the System Update tile.
If an update is not successful, follow the prompt on the touchscreen.