Update Available  Vehicle system update available.System Activate  Set a update schedule.
Additional Consent  Vehicle system update requires additional consent.Activation Reminder  Update plan expiration reminder.
Image Shown Without Description  Vehicle system update not successful.
Your system updates are done through the mobile network connected and through Wi-Fi.
To receive the system updates through the mobile network you must:
  • Log into the information and entertainment system.
  • Complete the real name registration process. Contact your authorized dealer for more details.
  • Be sure your vehicle is in a cellular network area.
To update your system over Wi-Fi, your vehicle must be within the range of a Wi-Fi access point. Data rates may apply.
You can switch the automatic updates on or off through system update menu in the system settings. The option will be reset to default value(when your vehicle was built) along with a system reset.
Switching Automatic Updates On and Off
Press the button to open the vehicle drawer.
  1. Press Settings.
  1. Press System Updates.
  1. Switch System Automatic Updates on or off.
You can press the Update Details button to check whether there is a software update.
When automatic updates are enabled, your system checks for software updates periodically. If a new version is available, it downloads at that time. The updates do not interrupt the normal use of your Information and Entertainment system. If a download does not complete for any reason, the download continues where it left off at the next network connected opportunity. Upon activation of an update, a message prompt on the touchscreen indicating the system update. Press the message to see more details.