Charging on the Go

DC charging allows you to charge your vehicle's high voltage battery in significantly less time than the standard charge method. You can charge on the go before the battery has exhausted all of its power, or while traveling using the trip planner as part of your FordPass App.
For the convenience of DC charging and time, there is a different fee structure depending on the charging station and network you choose.
Note:   Charge times could vary depending on ambient air temperature, power level, charger type, and location in which you are charging.
Note:   We recommend limiting the amount of DC charges, and ending DC charges at 80% state of charge as charging between 80 and 100% can incur high charging costs due to the time to completion. Frequent use of DC charging could result in reducing your battery’s efficiency and lifespan. This is more pronounced on the standard range battery pack versus the extended range battery pack.