Center Console Back-up Slot Location
Note:   You can use these instructions to create a MyKey for either a passive key or a mobile device.
  1. Raise the center console storage compartment lid.
  1. Remove the key blade from the remote control and place the remote control in the position shown.
  1. Switch the ignition on using the key you want to create as MyKey.
  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  1. Press Vehicle Settings.
  1. Press MyKey.
  1. Press Create MyKey or Create MyKey Mobile Device.
  1. Press Yes.
  1. Switch the ignition off.
Note:   You successfully created a MyKey. We recommend that you label this key so you can distinguish it from the admin keys.
Note:   You can use both a passive key and a mobile device as a MyKey. You must have a second passive key and create it as a MyKey.
Note:   The programmed restrictions apply when you switch the vehicle off, open and close the driver door and restart your vehicle with the passive key or mobile device.