Displays the approximate range your vehicle can travel on the battery's current state of charge. Estimates vary based on the energy used when driving and the energy available in the high voltage battery.
The amount of energy your vehicle uses when driving is affected by:
  • Mild or aggressive acceleration or braking.
  • Your vehicle's speed.
  • Use of accessories, such as climate control.
  • Ambient temperature and weather conditions.
  • Driving in a city or on a highway.
  • Driving on flat or hilly roads.
  • Towing.
The available energy capacity in the high voltage battery is affected by cold temperatures and battery degradation.   See   Preserving Your High Voltage Battery
If you power on your vehicle while pressing the brake pedal and your navigation system has an active route, the distance to your destination or next charging station displays.
Note:   It is normal for the vehicle range estimates to vary due to changes in average energy usage and battery temperature. This could cause different range estimates each time you fully charge your battery.   See   Maximizing Your Driving Range
Note:   When you leave your vehicle unplugged, it periodically uses energy from the high voltage battery to recharge the 12-volt accessory battery, resulting in a reduced driving range.